The name of this fallacy comes from the sport of fox hunting in which a dried, smoked herring, which is red in color, is dragged across the trail of the fox to throw the hounds off the scent. Thus, a "red herring" argument is one which distracts the audience from the issue in question through the introduction of some irrelevancy. This frequently occurs during debates when there is an at least implicit topic, yet it is easy to lose track of it. By extension, it applies to any argument in which the premises are logically irrelevant to the conclusion. 

Etymology of  The Red Herring


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Comeback show featuring our newest member David Gordon.

May 2nd, 2015 @ Arlene's Grocery

About the Band


My memory is shot, so I forgive you all if this is incorrect. But I believe the band first formed in 2002. At the time frontman David Altschul and bassist Mike Wiesemann had just moved into Brooklyn after a short stint of higher education. Long time friends since grade school they were reuinted with also old time middle school pal drummer John Koetzle who was living in downtown Manhattan. Bored with their tedious day jobs, needing a release of creative expression they formed the Red Herrings. Unfortunately almost as soon as the band was formed it was nealy ripped apart as John's job took him away to LA for about a year. Luckily for us the job didn't pan out and John returned with the band reuniting. After a few years of collective brainstorming they released an LP, courtesy of Smash Studios, Better Living through Hippocracy. The tracks were simple yet catchy, however outside of the mainstream and rough around the edges. To describe the sound abstractly, the goal was to create a picasso-esque minimalistic oversimplified rawness that could appeal to anyone who appreciates rock. Some inspirations of the sounds were The White Stripes, ACDC, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Weezer,The Black Keys etc. Despite the tight tracks the band was not quite ready to go live yet.

We were still missing something. Come brother to frontman David, Kurt Altschul in August of 2006 to fill the empty void. Kurt brought a whole new sound and dimension to the band including his flair for reggae and spanish music. Once he arrived everything fell into place. The band found themselves back in the studio, courtesy again of Smash Studios where they found their sound. The first live show was in June 2007 at Desmond's Tavern. Since then they have been performing regularly at The R Bar, Alphabet Lounge, Mercury Lounge, Arlene's Grocery etc. 

John left us for a short stint in Kiev. Thankfully (for him) that didn't last too long, and he got home before all the craziness there. 

Sadly in 2013, Kurt took a step away from the band due to personal family issues. During that void in 2014, a new member stepped in. His name is David Gordon. Not only does he have musical aspirations, he also acting aspirations and has starred in several movies.  Since then much to everyone's happiness Kurt has been able to rejoin the band, and now we are five. 

Probably the most interesting about the band is our day jobs and how busy we actually are. John Koetzle  has a MBA, making millions of dollars a day for some sort of bank. Mike Wiesemann works for the man himself Bloomberg News Inc. as a computer programmer, at least being at the keyboard all day keeps his fingers loose for bass. Kurt Altschul is an architect. As for David Gordon and myself David Altschul, we are both neurosurgeons.

-David Altschul, MD

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